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Hi, I'm Stan Cabigas, a freelance photographer from the Philippines and available for work and collaboration. TenZeroFour is my Architecture and Interiors website and blog.

Bellevue Resort Panglao’s Azurea Spa

I went down the stairs at the Marea open air restaurant, at the opposite end of the infinity swimming pool, to the basement where Bellevue Resort Panglao‘s spa is located. A level just below the ground floor, Azurea Spa, the resort’s signature relaxation area comes as a surprise with its different design aesthetics that can’t be found in the rest of the resort spaces.

Azurea Spa has more of that warm hacienda aesthetics, a rather curious thing since from the name itself, I was thinking of relaxing light blue hues. It has Asian accents, there are African tribal masks and a different style of furniture that gives another feel. Is it Asian because of the Thai wood panels with elephants? Or Mexican because of its warm tone? Or both?

Or does it just represent the warmth of summer, sunshine breaking out with the rays of the sun bursting represented by the curved dark wooden beams at the ceiling emanating from the center like the spokes of a wheel? However, the hotness of the lobby is toned down once one goes inside the spa rooms. Light earthen colors, dark wood beams and raised wooden flooring at the center exudes comfort.

Bellevue Resort Panglao's Azurea Spa

Azurea Spa’s front desk. It’s a warm toned lobby that has a semi-Asian design aesthetics

Bellevue Resort Panglao's Azurea Spa

The receiving area of Azurea Spa with its Asian-Mexican (?) inspired design

Bellevue Resort Panglao's Azurea Spa

Couple’s room inside the spa.

Bellevue Resort Panglao's Azurea Spa

Hallway of Azurea Spa decorated with African tribal masks and warm toned walls

The Bellevue Resort
Brgy. Doljo, Panglao Island, Bohol
(+63)(38) 422 2222