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Hi, I'm Estan Cabigas, a freelance photographer from the Philippines and available for work and collaboration within the ASEAN region. TenZeroFour is my Architecture and Interiors website and blog.

My favorite booths at the 63rd Manila Fame

I was able to visit the last day of the bi-annual Manila Fame, the 63rd, at the World Trade Center in Pasay City last April 24 and was delighted to see various design products that really makes one proud of being Filipino! Interesting furniture, decors and other design products were there with its summer Boutique theme.

Although there were lots of beautiful items there, it was the booth designs that caught my attention and below are the ones that I really liked, design wise. Schema’s minimalist booth was stunning while Industria Edition’s wire mesh booth was exceptional. Ito Kish’s Organic Origins was interesting especially that his Binhi line is featured. There were also other notable booths but they didn’t allow photography.

The A. Garcia booth

The A. Garcia booth

P&B Contract's booth

P&B Contract’s booth

Ito Kish's booth Organic Origins also features his Binhi work

Ito Kish’s booth Organic Origins also features his Binhi work

Industria Edition's beautiful wiremesh booth

Industria Edition’s beautiful wiremesh booth

Triboa Bay's booth in wood

Triboa Bay’s booth in wood

Schema's beautiful minimalist booth

Schema’s beautiful minimalist booth

This paper house like booth is at the Artisan's Village section

This paper house like booth is at the Artisan’s Village section

Hi! I’m Estan Cabigas, a freelance architecture and travel photographer, writer and blogger from the Philippines and based within the Southeast Asian region. TenZeroFour is my primary Architecture Photography blog. Let me photograph your space, let’s collaborate.

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