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Hi, I'm Estan Cabigas, a freelance photographer from the Philippines and available for work and collaboration within the ASEAN region. TenZeroFour is my Architecture and Interiors website and blog.

Interesting gas station toilet design in Phuket

It was while dining at a gas station in Thalang, Phuket, Thailand, after a photoshoot that this interestingly designed toilet caught my eye. The facade is in the form of five individual louvers that affords semiprivacy to people at the washarea. A large white Male figure at the center breaks the monotony as well as serve as a visual cue to who can use this one.

At the back, is a concrete structure with a clean wash area decorated with orchids (well, this is Thailand, afterall). The main toilet area is a bit cramped though and at the time I took photos were not really that presentable.

Shell Gas Station Toilet

Shell Gas Station Toilet

Shell Gas Station Toilet

Hi! I’m Estan Cabigas, a freelance architecture and travel photographer, writer and blogger from the Philippines and based within the Southeast Asian region. TenZeroFour is my primary Architecture Photography blog. Let me photograph your space, let’s collaborate.

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